EXCURSIONS -A Solid Venture Worth the Undertaking in The Gambia

Excursion refers to touring places of significance for purpose of de-stressing or soul reformation.
Seeking to thrill the heart might as well trigger the venture but overall curiosity to quench one’s fancies is another cause.

Excursion is a branch of tourism that only thrill seekers have a cause for. The intended place could be one of sacred relevance like the Stone Circle in Wassu -an area believed to be answers to infertile people’s prayers especially barren women.
Women, fed up of husband nagging too seeking solace in their marriages also visit the place as well those subscribed to superstitious beliefs.
Excursion could take form of bird-watching -a cardinal buck-fetching avenue for all concerned in the sector of tourism.
Birds exist in various specimen over two hundred to be exact some of them finding themselves in the country having lost their way.

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