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Barrow Bluffs: “My Record in Office Will Surpass Jawara and Jammeh Periods”

President Barrow is buoyant he could outshine the combined over fifty years in office of erstwhile leaders Dawda Jawara and Yaya Jammeh, Gambia News can report.

Currently in Banjul – the country’s administrative headquarters – Barrow is seeking reelection next year when his constitutional five-year mandate would have elapsed.
Facing harsh reality of combating the rampaging coronavirus with a grossly ill-equipped health sector, the presidency still had some time for political point-scoring.

In a dispatch issued hours ago, State House found time to make some postings of chest-beating comments by the president at a recent meeting he held during his tour of the Upper River Region.

“What I am delivering to the URR within three years is already unprecedented in the fifty years’ history of independent Gambia. My aim is to deliver in ten years what former Presidents Jawara and Jammeh were not able to deliver during their period in office,” the 55-year-old property-seller-turned leader said via a statement by spokeswoman Amie Bojang-Sissoho.
Barrow shot to fame December 2016 when he leapfrogged Yaya Jammeh’s 22-year reign of terror. 
Currently exiled in Equatorial Guinea, former military man Jammeh had holed up himself at the presidency after he’d made a 360 reverse to reject the polls before being pursued out by regional forces.

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