Mai Fatty’s Must-See 19 Tips to Barrow on How to Combat Coronavirus

Former interior minister Mai Ahmed Fatty has given an interesting straight 19 tips on what government should do to contain the coronavirus.

The two have had smooth ties until Fatty opted he wants out the government on grounds of principles in what was his second coming to the third republic leadership.

However, in the wake of the coronavirus, Mai Fatty has offered his pieces of advice on steps to follow one of which involves declaring a public health emergency health.

Read below his 19 strong arguments on what president Barrow should do to help rid the virus of Gambians who have just one confirmed case for now.

“1. Shut the borders with immedoate effect to all inbound and outbound traffic for 15 days except for returnee Gambians, medical related supplies, petroleum & petroleum products to generate electricity, transportation.

2. Close all air traffic with immediate effect for 15 days except for the purpose of saving lives.

3. Effective enforcement of the measures contained in the Government’s instructions, using law enforcement officials.

4. Sustained, massive information campaign

5. Governmen should station mobile personal hygiene cleaning facilities to all public places such as markets, etc in partnership with municipal councils. Dealers at the market should be required to use nasal protection cover as well as hand wash.

Photo: Will Barrow Heed?

6. Banks, hotels, guest houses, supermarkets, shops and other private economic operators must be required to provide and ensure mandatory detoxing gels for all and nasal masks for all staff whose line of duty require frequent public contact.

7. Equally, public institutions, including health care workers and all health facilities should apply similar measures.

8. All restaurants, bars, discoteque etc should be closed with immediate effect.

9. Governmen should impose mandatory price control on basic consumer goods and sanction very heavy penalties against hoading of goods during this period. This will mitigate the effects of panic buying and stop greedy businesses from profiting at public misfortune.

So far, the available evidence has shown that border screening had failed to detect anything, including the single known case that nearly brought our nation to comatose. The Ministry of Health must explain this dangerous omission and also substantially improve their screening efficiency.

As a faith nation, let us increase acts of piety and repent. May Allah protect our country against COVID-19 menace. Stay safe; keep your family safe; keep your community safe. Tegother, let’s keep The Gambia safe!”

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