“The Only Country Not Taking Coronavirus Seriously is Gambia,” Royal Messenjah Broods

Reggae dancehall singer Royal Messenjah is left worried by what he calls Gambians lack of seriousness towards the deadly coronavirus that is wrecking the globe this moment.

Deaths continue to soar and the multiple-award winning artiste is left wary of religious leaders apparent refusal to halt public prayers.

The only country not taking this Corona virus/ Covid 19 serious is the Gambia, and that’s scary. The reason why other countries stopped congregation prayers and public gatherings is because it’s a killer virus which is why our government should take serious steps on these “babylonian pandemic!“ A time has come were everyone should take good care of him/herself. ALLAH SAVE US,” the Bundung resident said.

Gambia has gone under lock down with both its air space and land borders shut for 21 days in desperate bids by the Barrow leadership to contain a pandemic that has infected over 200,000 people across the globe.

Public institutions have also ceased operations including the TRRC -a committee probing 22 years of Jammeh’s misrule.

Photo: Gambia has just a positive case of the virus

Gambia recorded its first coronavirus positive case today about this time last Sunday when a UK-based 21-year-old woman flew into the country.

She is currently in isolation and is believed to be “clinically” recovering as the public awaits her eventual fate amid hovering apprehension.

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