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Islamic Council Orders Closure of Mosques as Gambia Hit by Third Coronavirus Case

Mosques have been ordered to cease operations in the wake of Gambia’s third coronavirus case.

Gambia registered its third coronavirus case after a 70-year-old Nyumuyel resident arrived into the country from France.

The patient who has not been named is reported to have initially refused samples of him being collected before he budged.

Laboratory examination would later confirmed him as positive -Gambia’s third case in March alone.

In the wake of this trajectory, Supreme Islamic Council have ordered all mosques closed in latest efforts at containing the virus’ spread.

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  1. Dear Gambian friends please note corona virus started attaking our beloved country, we must think seriously how to protect our small and beautifull country from this badly hit virus. I see our people are so innocent in vegitable market and many other places they stayed very closed to each other and careless from this virus. We must educate each other friendly how to keep distance from each other to save ourself as well as others from corona virus. Then only we can win our fight against this badly hit virus. Otherwise we will loose so many our beloved friends and relatives due to our carelessness.
    I prey to Allah Almighty that give us full power and good understanding to spreads our activities in our country to understand each and every person in Gambia.
    Sure we will win in this fight against corona.
    Long live Gambia.
    Abdul Majid Sheikh,
    Sheikh Impex India.

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