Jizzle’s New Single Stirs Up Grammar Debate

Singles are meant to easily glide through to fans consuming it. However, Jizzle’s latest song did not only attain its primary task of entertaining but it also, in a rare case of events, stirred up debate.

Titled Where Was You, the three minute standard YouTube video watched over twelve thousand times, was premiered last Friday.

An afro-hip hop and fusion genre, the vibe’s title became the subject of intense online debate. The push and pull never had anything to do with song’s content rather its heading.

It all started when a certain male fan made it his business to play English teacher tagging the language used as “incorrect’ in an epic case of trolling

Where were you instead? To ask about someone’s past- location, ask where were you? Where was you is in correct. “Was” doesn’t agree with the second-person pronoun you so, the verb has to change to were,” Ansumana Conteh said taunting the singer.

The comment merely riled up a bombardment of replies amid intense pressure for him to re-track his comment.

Photo: Jizzle poses in his new song

This is not an error there is something we call musical language that can only be interpreted by the musician. If you are a music fan or lover you will know what I don’t have to relate it the other way round,” James Badjie countered. 

Ansumana will later apologised for his comment as few other fans got on his back with onslaughts.

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