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Police Criticised for Risking Spread the Deadly Coronavirus

Gambia police have come on the receiving end of criticisms after photos emerged of their personnel cramping in a row of pick-ups.

The personnel were apparently making a clean sweep of the streets as per directives by the public health emergency ordered by president Barrow.

The officers could be seen packed up at the back of the pick-up in moves going against the social distancing advised by the World Health Organisation to contain spread of the dreadly coronavirus.

The pictures were taken by rapper Killah Ace.

The lives of everyone in those Pick-ups is at risk of having Covid19 ,”Joseph Findin said in reaction to the pictures.

Ebsi Sosseh added with a touch of a brutal assessment : ” ‘Stupidity’ seems to be more contagious than covid.”

The photos also caught the eyes of social commentator Facuru Sillah who said: “There’s no social distancing behind those pick-up trucks. You can’t arrest them for not keeping the distance apart, and them stick them together. That defeats the purpose of the law being enforced. “

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