Fatu Camara Accuses Barrow’s Wife of Tarnishing S/Leone’s First Lady’s Name

Journalist Fatu Camara has picked up a rare fight after accusing president Barrow’s wife Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow of tarnishing the image of Sierra Leone’s first lady Jabbie Bio.

Bio was in The Gambia recently as one of invitees to grace journalist Fatu Camara’s Heroes’ awards.

Senegal’s first lady including Gambian born Fatima Jabbie who’s wife to Sierra Leone’s current president Bio were expected to grace the event along with head of state president’s Barrow’s second wife.

Photo: journalist Fatu Camara claims Fatou Bah-Barow is behind those sudden onslaughts on Sierra Leone’s first lady Jabbie Bio

However, the latter did not show up at the event in a move that had tongues wagging amid widespread reports of a feud between Bio and Barrow’s palace queen.

Events greeting the aftermath of the awards had Bio coming on the receiving end of ceaseless criticisms from journalists in Freetown whom Fatu Camara claims are perhaps being bankrolled by president Barrow’s wife.

Photo: Siera Leone’s Jabbie Bio came under severe criticisms recently

In a dig clearly aimed at Fatou Bah-Barrow, Fatu dismissed the attacks on her beau First lady Bio as unnecessary. Below is a screen shot of her post.

The presidency or first lady’s office were yet to comment on the allegations at press time.

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