Jizzle Gives to Bakau, Sukuta Health Centers in Bid to Combat Coronavirus

Jerreh Jallow today dipped into his pockets to contribute in the cause to overcame the dreaded coronavirus.

Gambia’s artiste of the year doled out bucket-taps and hand sanitisers to the Bakau and Sukuta health centres respectively.

The singer becomes the first mic-star to contribute in a united front up against a pandemic that is close to affecting a million people across the globe.

Photo: Jizzle donating the items

All shows sporting events and gatherings have been banned in quest to ward off the covid-19 whose official cure is yet to be found and has killed over twenty-thousand people globally.

Photo: Jizzle’s Where Was You is already on fire

Jizzle recently released a single video dubbed Where Was You in an epic blast at his detractors as he took a walk down memory lane to his current heights.

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