State of Emergency Could Deny Poor Families in the Village Access to Food Aid

The recent state of emergency imposed by government could deter families benefiting from the ongoing national food aid to the poor and vulnerable.

A national fundraiser has been organised by diaspora Gambians in efforts to help out families who might be gripped by hunger owing to the current imposed restriction on movements.

The cause is initiated by Amie Jarjue but managed by Babou Njie Sallah and some prominent Gambians.

The cause intends to reach out to at least 200 families with those in the provinces very much a plan of the food aid support team.

However, this could potentially not be realised owing to the seven-day state of emergency declared by president.

The order could possibly be extended beyond seven days after parliament forwarded a motion to the looked into by its rights commission.

Getting more donations in these trying times is a problem due to the economic climate. Most people probably want to donate but they are worried if they’re goning to receive their next pay cheque or even keep their jobs.

Secondly, logistical difficulties of sending the support team on the ground to the provinces with the state of emergency in place. Their safety and welfare is very paramount to us all,” Babou Njie, a UK-based and a key member of those organising the charity, tells Gambia News.

Photo: The distributing team

The food aid distribution began in Banjul yesterday and then the Kombos today with Brikama and its surroundings to follow next.

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