Targeting Another Million Views Mark: O-Boy, Gambian Child Drop New Song!

O-Boy and Gambian Child have dropped a new video track to mark a new month just minutes ago

As if to say enough of the coronavirus brouhaha, the pair teamed up to let off another banger with this one titled Kaabu Mansa -the great king of the historic Kaabu Empire brought to his knee by the Fulani tribe.

The Afro Manding sensation who sold his Tv screen to fund his first single, part of a rough trip to the heights he now attains, did not disappoint with his new release.

Premiered only an hour again, the clip has garnered close to ten thousand views at press time this evening.

Photo: Comedian Kitabu played perfectly the Kaabu Mansa flanked by his cream of following

Featuring popular compatriot comedian Kitabu who played the role of the king in the clip, O-boy and Gambian Child are officially Gambia’s most sought-after singers on YouTube.

Since their career let off, they have not looked back and today commanding a huge bucks in events appearances.

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