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IT’S OFFICIAL: One Million People Infected with Coronavirus

Coronavirus is far from a joke, with the number of affected persons hitting officially one million globally today.

The virus which began last December in Wuhan , China, has gone on to wreak lives causing over 51,000 deaths globally.

The good news, if any is, over 200,000 people are believed to have recovered upon being hit by the ailment whose cure is yet to be officially discovered.

The United States have the biggest number of infected casualties with 236,221 positive cases of which 10,324 have gotten healed with the death toll pegged at 5,780 as of today.

Photo: Official statistics of the pandemic -Gambia News

These figures cannot be compared to China’s 81,551 positive cases, 76,238 recovered patients with 3321 deaths though the Asian nation are being accused of under-reporting impact of their cases.

Africa has 6,555 positive cases as of tonight, 244 killed and the 456 healed cases. Senegal, Morocco, Ivory Coast are the most hit by the pandemic on the continent.

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