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59 People Who Reportedly Came into Contact with Gambia’s First Coronavirus Dead Patient Released

Fifty-nine people from Bundung Markass reported to have come into contact with the Bangladeshi preacher who died of coronavirus have been released from quarantining.

The preacher, who reportedly passed through six countries before arriving from Senegal to live in Bundung, is believed to have come into contact with residents at the enormous Markass Mosque.

Thought to be a 70-year-old missionary and a sufferer of diabetes, the man self-reported to hospital after displaying symptoms of the coronavirus but died on the way becoming the country’s first Covid-19 casualty.

Since then authorities have been scouring for persons he has come into contact during his short stint at the aforesaid residence leading fifty-nine people from there turning themselves in for check up.

The individuals were subsequently subjected to quarantining lasting for 14 days before their release today along with four others.

They’re healthy . They have not shown any signs. To us, the have also completed the 14-day period. So we have to allow them to go back to their families. And we will have to advise the public to mindful and not discriminate them -to embrace them with open arms, give them love and support so that they can also feel that they’re part of the society,” health director Gibril Jarju said.

Meanwhile, Gambia have just one remaining of what was four positive cases this minute following the release two other patients this week.

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