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Gambian Army Deny the Sacking of Masaneh Kinteh

Gambia’s army have come out denying the sacking of former chief Masaneh Kinteh.

The 51-year-old Sankwia-born was axed from his post at least going by a social media post made by the presidency on March 11.

Typical of president Barrow’s dismissal language, “relieved” was the phrase used to describe Kinteh’s removal.

However, twenty-three days from that decision that went viral amid delight in some quarters who accused the erstwhile barracks boss of blocking traffic, the army have come out denying Barrow ever sacked Kinteh.

Photo: Screen shot of the presidential release announcing Kinteh’s dismissal

The dispatch, released hours ago, claim Masaneh was “retired”, adding he’s to take up a job offer in coronavirus ridden China.

The communique was stirred up by viral social posts harping on a leaked document of the sacked Masaneh making demands of some privileges which courted condemnations.

” The Gambia Armed Forces like many armed forces in the world accord some privileges to both serving and retired officers, soldiers and ratings in accordance with established laid down procedures. As a result of this, the Gambia Armed Forces wishes to categorically state that, contrary to what is being erroneously reported on social media, the former Chief of Defence Staff was not sacked/dismissed but rather honourably retired by His Excellency the President and Commander-In-Chief of The Gambia Armed Forces on 5 March 2020 and redeployed to the Foreign Service.

” In view of this, the retired General is entitled to all statutory benefits such as gratuity as well as other privileges as a Senior, Distinguished and Professional Flag Officer of the Gambia Armed Forces. Essentially therefore, granting his request is in line with his status, international best practices and military traditions in most militaries. It is prudent to state here that Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal are few countries where retired senior officers and generals are usually accorded retirement benefits such as support staff, vehicles and body guards amongst other incentives and privileges,” part of the bulky release read.

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