11,000 Views in 4 Hours: ST Delivers Epic Song on Coronavirus

Brikama Boyo has released a dope song on the coronavirus whose fear has gripped Gambia and sent over 63,000 people to their early graves.

As has been predicted, ST’s track centered around raising public awareness and ramifications of the virus.

A two minutes footage, the song’s message content certainly outlives its short length.

Coronavirus also dubbed covid-19 teed off in China December last year going on to envelop into a global menace forcing even the biggest of nations to its knees.


Gambia have at least just one of what was initially four positive cases following the recuperation of two other patients last week.

About a billion Gambian dalasis is to be spent with funding from donors, the World Bank and from national coffers.

Clad in a doctor’s white apron and the stethoscope danging over his neck, ST’s clip carried all the warnings against the pandemic.

Released four hours, ago, the song has been watched 11,000 times on YouTube

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