Student Whose School Fees Singhateh Rise Helped Pay Comes Back to Thank Singer 10 Years Later

A Gambian Student whose tuition fees mic-star Singhateh Rise helped foot the bill through a fundraising show has come back to extol the singer ten years later.

Then referred to as Freaky Joe, Singhateh Rise was an in-demand and staged fundraising events for schools at severely beat-down prices to help educations causes.

However, one the many beneficiaries of such undertakings has come back to show his appreciation.

The story is, the Student now pursing his masters in Europe, was unable to foot his university bills prompting his mom to take initiative of staging a show using proceeds from the event for his son’s education.

Singhatey -christened Sulayman Singhateh- wasted no time to appear as the show man when contacted and took a pay cut to ensure success of the programme.

Photo: Freaky now Singhateh rejoice was in-demand at schools events

Ten years on, the student identified as Prof10 on Instagram, contacted Singhateh. Below is screen shots of the text the student wrote followed by Oslo-based Freaky Joe’s reply.

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