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“We Throw Out Our Gems,” Man Hails Gambia’s Legend Demba Conta

A US-based Gambian this week criticised Gambians neglect of their legends, suggesting veteran Demba Conta is not appreciated enough.

Born in Sami district of the Upper River Region, Demba is one of the country’s most renowned musicians at the height of his craft.

From schools to prominent national events, the Sweden-based former sailor has starred in virtually corners.

One of his songs, United the States of Africa, is still jammed to like majority of his songs released in the 80s.

However, a Gambian this week hit out at the nation’s neglect or apparent refusal to acknowledge enough one of their own.

“The 80s were great. Because of our penchant for under appreciating our own, we throw out our gems. Demba Conta was generations ahead of his time.

“That itself is testament to being under appreciated because all it takes is those who hear/understand his message to reflect upon it. Thankfully he chose a method that’d outlive even his great great grand children; great music,” the man identified as Natta Mass said, before reeling off some of the legend’s lyrics, tagging Demba’s son Eddie to it which yielded reactions.

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