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Accused of Burning Koro Ceesay’s Corpse and Killing Gambian Soldiers -Here is What Peter Singhatey Has Been Up To

Peter Singhatey is described as “vicious”, “sadistic” including “inhumane” by mates from his time in the Gambian army, Gambia News can report.

Born in the UK along with brother Edward Singhatey to a Gambian father, Peter was not key in the launching of the 1994 coup that leapfrogged the late Sir Dawda Jawara but was integral in the government that followed.

He was not a council member but was brought to the fore by sibling Edward who was the country’s Minister of Defense, participating in virtually all major events that ensued in the immediate aftermath of Jammeh’s installation as chairman on the recommendation of Edward.
A Colonel until his sacking in 2007, Peter and his brother were respected figures in the army before their involvement in gross human right violations surfaced this year via the TRRC.

Photo: Peter receiving a medal from General Jamerson of the United States Armed Forces

His hands began getting dirty in the November 11, 1994 massacre of Gambian soldiers which began at the Fajara Barracks and then Brikama Forest who were staging a counter-coup. Ring leaders Abdoulie Dot Faal and Basiru Barrow got killed first before eight other captive soldiers were summarily executed in Brikama on the orders of Jammeh.

Peter is purported to have also threatened to kill an injured Lance Corporal Alagie Kebbeh then hospitalised prior to his alleged participation in another incident – the savage annihilation of erstwhile minister of finance Koro Ceesay whose corpse he is reported to have charred beyond recognition in concealment efforts.
He has been quiet throughout the time all these allegations were being spewed at him amid reports he is still in the United Kingdom with his family.

Photo: Pete Singhatey holding what looks like a walkie-talkie with some African soldiers during an Ecowas Peace Keeping Mission

However, we give a quick rundown of what he has been up to.
Peter was last seen online March 19, 2018, just about seven months following launching of the TRRC -the commission set up to unearth the atrocities he and colleague military personnel perpetrated.
Singhatey before then has been busy dispatching lectures on how to fly an aircraft, opening a couple of sites under his name attached with diagrams for illustrations.

Photo: Peter competing a marathon in the UK about four years ago

In one of his blogs, he touched on topics like how to burn fat, tackling Ebola, dealing with bullying including terrorists -yes terrorists.
On his Just Love Flying site, he shared a collage of photos during his time in the Gambia army and on missions, four years after the coup and the subsequent murders that ensued.
He is still to surface online or on his blog this year.

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