Top-5 Beauties You Won’t Believe Are Gambians

Gambia News this weekend took time to make a careful study of Gambian women who rock. In this list, painfully shortlisted to just five by our panel, we considered women who are proud of their colours, heritage and haven’t done surgery or bleached.


Aminatah is one of those you could count on not to disappoint in flaunting that natural cuteness.

A Nusrat graduate and married, she is known to pals as Linguere Mina and is an upcoming model and a sales agent at Coastal Elite Properties


Bintah is based in the US, Tacoma. Gambia News have had her featured couple of times.

Photo: Binta poses

From our close monitoring of her progress, she doesn’t flaunt much but when she does, be rest assured it’s a massive lit. She’s one of those who do not need wearing a makeup to look elegant. Daffeh works at Larson Auto Group and proudly harasses admirers with her cuteness.


Talk of a living Gambian barbie doll and she is the epitome of all that. Married to a tycoon and a sister to Lena, Haddy is the face behind Absolute Entertainment -the brand that brought a coupe of Nigerian celebrity singers including, yes, Emmanuella.

Photo: Haddy is a Barbie Doll and wear that natural look with pride

She has been supporting Gambian artistes.


Based in Germany, Mariam will smash down any platform for beauty showcasing.

Confident in her skin and a half-caste, she is a mother of one and born in Germany but proudly associates with The Gambia where one of her parents hails from and has visited Banjul a couple of times.


Tida completes our top-five list and she is a hot Instgram model.


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