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Fatu Network’s Page Hacked!

Fatu Camara and her team are facing torrid times it emerged after hackers took control of the Fatu Network outlet’s facebook page.

The incident occurred the last five hours in what’s feared to be facebook page scam.

The Fatu Network Facebook Page is Hacked!

Everything you currently seeing on The Fatu Network Facebook Page is NOT posted by me or any member of our admin team.

The page has been taken from us for the past 5 hours, we have reported the issue to Facebook and they are working on resolving it. Right now none of us at The Fatu Network has control over the page.

To our editors and the admin team, please change your Facebook passwords as soon as you can.

Will update you once the issue is resolved. Thank you and please take note!,” Fatu said about an hour ago.

Gambia News says good luck take heart!

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