Over D64,000 Donated In 1hr as Darboe Launches Food Bank for the Poor

An over 60,000 Gambian dalasis has been donated within the space of just one hour of UDP’s Darboe launching an online fundraiser.

Darboe today launched a food bank involving the municipalities within KM and Banjul in efforts to tackle hunger during the ongoing crisis of the coronavirus.

Dozens of families are expected to be affected after government’s stay-at-home public announcement in the wake of the state of emergency in a bid to combat the pandemic that has killed over a hundred thousands of people.

I plead on all Gambians to come out and help each other. Their is a state of emergency. In some countries, people are not allowed to wander outside. However, that’s not the case here because here majority people live from hand to mouth. So we need to help out the poor and form food banks to be given to the municipalities who know who where the poor are situated within their jurisdiction,” Darboe said during today’s meeting.

Gambia has five new positive cases of the coronavirus after initially clearing its first four batches.

The donations, being appealed to be in the form of food, will be given out to the aforesaid municipalities for onward distribution to the vulnerable during these torrid moments.

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