The Types of Bachelors You Should Fear in The Gambia

Gambia News makes a quick summary of the various types of Bachelors in the Gambia. Below is a compilation of what they’re like .

1.CAPTAIN: All types of Bachelors could be found in the Gambia. Now under the captain category are a line of Gambian men who still live with their parents but are too stranded to marry a girl. These ones are very loyal.
2.STAFF SERGEANT: This type live alone and loves partying but will never marry even though they have the means to do so. They will be changing girls like clothes.
3. MAJOR: This are the kind of Gambian men every woman should fear. They can date ten ladies in one go and none of the girls will know each other. They’re players and live alone. 
4.MAJOR GENERAL: They will stay with a girl and will never marry her come what may. They’re girlfriend-snatchers and love digging.
5. FIELD MARSHALL: Girls watch out for this is the last category and they are dangerous. They will never woo a girl of their own and will go after married women,if you know you know.

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