Driven by Patriotism and Dipping from His Pockets–Ousainou the Man Raising the Gambian Flag Everywhere

Spurred on by the love for homeland and patriotism, one man has made his business to have Gambia’s four national colours up on all ceilings, complexes and institutions.

It’s a kind of obsession rarely seen and chronicled only in Hollywood movies. However, in Ousainu Gambia, christened Ousainu Colley, we find that affection for nation in him.
In a campaign starting eleven months ago, Colley teed off his this undertaking with almost religiousness beginning with sensitization for togetherness, the need for national unity and the true values of The Smiling Coast.
He has taken his quest to schools, criss-crossing every nook and corner including private and government institutions under what is now #FlagUpGambia.

I started embarking on a patriotic mission to sensitize Gambians on patriotism, togetherness and national unity for national development using our national symbols (TheNationalFlag) after reaching out to some schools to have sessions with the students on the values and true meaning of the NationalFlag as a way of inspiring the young on patriotism,” he tells Gambia News.

He continued: “Then I decided to take action in embarking on a campaign called #FlagUpGambia. This campaign includes raising the National Flag in all Government and Private institutions, and also in all the schools across the country as a way of inspiring Gambians on the love for the nation and patriotism. I have decided to embark on this mission because I observed that the love for nation or patriotism is lacking in the mindset of Gambians. I’m currently using my own resources to raise the flag in institutions and schools. My vision is to see the National Flag flying in all public, private institutions and schools.”

Photo: Ousainu have also staged a match pass recently with students

Also a fervent activist, Colley has been involved in lot of social works namely tree-planting to protect the environment to street-cleaning. 
In recent weeks, he has met several bosses and is intent on organising a caravan, concert, drama, singing and poetry competitions to intensify his campaign.

“This is all about contributing my quarter and my civic duty as a citizen in preaching, peace, patriotism, togetherness, National Unity, so as to make the Gambia a better place for all. For the Gambia our home land,” he said.

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