“Essa Faal Should Not Be Naive,” Journalist Fatou Jaw Delivers Take after APRC’s Supporter Rejected TRRC Star Counsel’s Corona Gifts

Essa Faal over the weekend hugged the headlines or rather got dragged in news after he allegedly got involved in an altercation with a supposed Yaya Jammeh supporter.

The TRRC’s star counsel is one of the pioneers of the national covid-19 food aid however, he learned the hard way not every Gambian is receptive of he and his team’s food aid gesture.

An International lawyer, Faal who contributed about D75,000 to the cause, was out on his routine of distributing food to the poor before he got mired in a stand-off with an ex-police officer who resigned from the force for his Pro-Jammeh advocacy.

Faal had arrived at the erstwhile police personnel’s home to gift him goodies but got driven out with news outlets picking the story.

However, Fatou Jaw Manneh, a prominent Gambian journalist also a victim of Jammeh,- has delivered her take on the incident including her assessment of Faal. Below is the full text.

“I have just read Essa Faal & team got into an altercation with an APRC stalwart during his food distribution tour. Hope a lesson is learned there. Essa should not be naive , and his political ambition if he harbors any should take a back burner for now until the TRRC is over. He has every right as a citizen to any political office in the country. But feelings are still raw in this country. APRC supporters will never forgive us for uprooting the dictator. After all the horrorstories divulged at the TRRC,the Jammeh victims shall never forgive the terror meted out to them during his reign either. The cruelty is overwhelming. I belong to the camp of victims that are very skeptical of any positive outcome from the TRRC. Baba Galleh Jallow’s leadership of the overall process is not questioned. We love Essa Faal because he asked tough questions but just like, with the Janneh commission that cost us over 50 million, the cut and paste constitution that cost us 116 million, the over 1 billion Dalasi’s corona assistance money pouring into the country , we are equally skeptical of the outcome of TRRC, with all its cost and purpose. Essa Faal should be clear that that they have not achieved anything meaningful yet for the victims. Probably the perpetrators will all vanish in thin air. And yes we understand they’re not a court of law. He is a very popular man but he should not be naive to know we are watching and not sure what is achieved as yet. If Jammeh was giving any orders to kill , we can also tell that there are are more wicked people in this country too that did worse than Jammeh and think they can slam all the blame on Jammeh. Jammeh with the help of a big chunk of Gambians has bleed the country dry financially,morally etc. Not to mention the barbaric maltreatment of citizens. Where was Essa Faal during this time.???? I am sure poor people of The Gambia would love his concern and help now that Ramadan is approaching but some of course will question his motives. He can continue the goodwill if he wish , but buckle down for such encounters. LET HIM WRAP UP THE TRRC FIRST. Until we know what exactly is achieved from the TRRC, probably this incident will accord him to reflect and gauge the mixed mood of the country . He should stay put , enjoy his star ratings as of now. Because I personally don’t think he has an idea of all the mixed emotions surrounding the TRRC .”

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