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“GDP Expected to Drop to 0.6% If Corona Impact Continues,” Says Barrow

President Adama Barrow predicts a massive decline of Gambia’s Gross Domestic Products if coronavirus’ impact fail to cease.

Figures of Gambia’s coronavirus cases have soared to ten beginning March 16th when the West African nation experienced its first case coming from a 28-year-old based in the UK.

The sums have since jumped recently first with a straight five cases before another was added to the list which was initially inconclusive.

Barrow’s leadership are scheduled to spend a billion dalasis with the half the funds coming in as grants from the international community.

Debate has been rife in parliament over how the sums are to be doled out to vulnerable Gambians during what’s considered torrid times to conquer both hunger and ward off the pandemic.

And delivering a paper via video at the Ecowas summit, Banjul-based Barrow expects a decline in the country’s GDP.

“The disruption (triggered by the Covid-19) has negatively impacted on our supply investments and services especially in the tourism sector. Remittances have declined and our GDP is expected to drop from 3.5% to 0.6% if the trend continues,” he said at the summit.

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