SENEGAL: “Cured” Corona Patient Contact Virus Again

A patient believed to have been cured of the coronavirus has reportedly been re-infected.

An origin of France, the patient was first taken in to an isolation centre where he was passed cured upon completion of the seclusion date prior to doctors detecting the virus in his body again.

Professor Moussa Seydi, a revered Senegalese virologist tag the situation as a case of “relapse” or “recurrence”, suggesting it might have been that the virus was spotted again when the victim wasn’t properly healed.

In medical terms, relapse has a special meaning. When you say relapse or recurrence, all these are special terms. Relapse means that the patient was not completely healed. There were always viruses in his body. We thought he was cured but he had symptoms following the duplication of the virus. These are cases that deserve to be documented, ” Seydi tells Senegalese outlet L’Observateur

Senegal have close to five hundred confirmed cases of which 259 are all declared cured with six registered dead.

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