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Ex-Junta Spokesperson Attacked for Exonerating Yanks In Koro’s Brutal Killing

Ebou Jallow is facing torrents of attack for suggesting Yankuba Touray shouldn’t be blamed for the murder of Koro Ceesay.

An erstwhile minister of finance during Jammeh’s military rule, Koro was killed for threatening to expose in his budget speech the junta’s graft in 1995.

Narrative of how he was murdered has been shifting since self-confessed killer Alagie Kanyi’s revelation February last year.

Some lines though in the story remain consistent such as where the murder occurred at former minister Yankuba Touray’s residence.

However, Ebou Jallow yesterday gave his version events in a controversial undertaking that had him getting criticised severely.

Jallow, a close friend of Edward Singhartey during his time as the AFPRC council’s spokesperson before his resignation and subsequent escape, claim Edward told him graphic details of how Koro was double-tapped in the torso as he fell back on the sofa before Alagie Kanyi finished him.

In his narration, Ebou exonerated Yankuba Touray claiming the man, who’s being trialed for the murder, did not participate in the savage killing, alleging Jammeh had told him he would “prosecute” Edward.

Since his comments, criticisms have been raining on him with majority accusing Jallow of trying to cover-up for Yankuba Touray.

Koro Ceesay here greets Yaya Jammehm the man who allegedly sanctioned his killing for threatening to exposed the junta embezzlement of public funds

” What a cock and bull story!!! How can any honest and moral person exonerate Yankuba Touray from this heinous crime? How can one claim Yankuba was never aware of the plan? 

Then how come Yankuba ensured that his family were moved to Edward’s house before the crime? 

Didn’t Ebou’s own wife not tell him that she was invited to a strange event at Edward’s house? This meant there was a plan otherwise Ebou’s wife would have been well informed of the kind of ceremony she was invited to! 

Why would Yankuba just see a man being butchered in his house without stopping it right there and then? Yet why didn’t he never take any action afterwards to ensure justice? 

Then it means Yankuba was part of the plan, whether he hit Koro or not! Yankuba is not a zombie or a small boy in whose house someone could bring a whole human being to murder without his prior knowledge and involvement! The fact that Edward brought Koro to that house meant he had indeed informed the owner of the house about the job. Otherwise what guarantee would Edward have to carry out such a heinous crime in Yankuba’s house as a surprise to him. Murder cannot be a surprise like that especially the murder of a finance minister! 

Ebou jallow is lying. He is being economical with the truth which we need to interrogate. He is holding brief for someone or for some interest. 

The fact that Yaya Jammeh never pursued this matter was because he was part of the conspiracy and he knew what happened! Edward Singhateh, Yaya Jammeh and Yankuba Touray knew the plan and the objective of this crime. 

Therefore let Ebou Jallow stop holding brief for them. If he claims to be a moral man and in respect of Ramadan he wanted to speak the truth then let him speak the whole truth. Unless if he says he was just an ignorant dumb guy who just believed any story they told him otherwise common sense should have told him that both Yankuba and Yaya were in this game just as Edward! Only a fool will believe otherwise! 

I rather believe Alagie Kanyi than Ebou Jallow who is notorious for changing his stories like a spineless stooge!,” Madi Jobarteh a staunch social commentator said.

Ebrima Sanneh said: ” This a load of rubbish Ebou. Yahya ordered the murder of Koro and Edu and Yanks supported by their troops carried out the execution. The facts, are known so hold your breath.This foolish narrative may be fit for your kids because they cannot analyse but wed the stinks in the nostrils of civilised people of The Gambia. “

Molamin Barriow said: ” Let Yankuba speak his truth or else remain in prison for rest of his natural life. “

Yankuba was summoned before the commission investigating right abuses under Jammeh’s reign but refused to testify claiming immunity, consequently sparking public baying for his blood.

He is today being prosecuted for that death.

Koro’s remains where later allegedly charred in Jambur by Peter Singhartey, Edward’s brother in an attempt at a cover up

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