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Ebou Jallow Claims Edward Singhatey Smashed Sadibou Hydara with a Hammer to Death

Ex-junta spokesperson Ebou Jallow this weekend claim Sadibou Hydara was battered to death with a sledge-hammer.

Sadibou was arrested on the same day with bosom Sana B. Sabally who was vice-chairperson by Jammeh on allegations plotting to overthrow him.

Story from his death in 1995 has been that the former captain and junta minister of interior died of hypertension in his prison cells until Sana Sabally last year, this day, revealed Sadibou was castrated with a hammer by Manglafi Corr, Alagie Martins and his torture team leading to his bleeding to death.

However, Ebou Jallow yesterday appeared to counter Sana’s version, suggesting Saidbou was founded dead in “sajda” position resulting from battering done to him with a sledge-hammer by Edward.

Photo: Edward Singhatey

” I remember in May 1995 Edward Singharteh called right after I arrived at Yundum Airport to tell me about the death of Captain Sadibu Hydara. I later visited his residence at Cape Point and he told me in detail how Sadibu died. According to his own rendition, Edward Singharteh himself went into the prison and was hitting Sadibu Hydara with a sledge-hammer battering him to death. Sadibu was later found dead in a Muslim praying position of “Sajda” according to one former State Guard soldier who went to the prisons to retrieve the corpse. Edward told me that he asked Sadibu to “say his last prayers” before smashing him with a sledge-hammer at the back of the neck region, and Sadibu died instantly. I ask him why would he visit the Mile II prisons torturing prisoners there and his response was that he gets the same exact pleasure from torturing people as he gets an orgasm from a sexual intercourse. This was the first moment that I realized that Edward Singharteh was indeed a dangerous psychopath. I personally became particularly anxious about my own safety. However, at this material time Edward Singhateh was Jammeh’s close confidant and I was quite hesitant discussing the issue with Jammeh. However, Yaya Jammeh acknowledged to me that he knows about Edward Singhateh killing Sadibu at the prisons,” Ebou said hours ago in a statement he said meant to be read before the TRRC but was rejected.

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