Sir Farimang Singhateh’s Son Reveals What He Said About Barrow 3yrs Ago

The first Gambian to be born in State House Foday Singhatey has revealed what he predicted about president Barrow when he newly came into office.

Barrow unseated Yaya Jammeh’s in the 2016 polls but assumed office in 2017 after a period of impasse caused by Jammeh’s dramatic refusal to leave office.

Foday said he had labelled property-seller-turned leader Barrow incompetent which he received sticks for.

Three years on, the son of Gambia’s first governor-general believes he has been vindicated.

Foday is a son of Sir Farimang Singhateh and the first baby born in State House

Here’s a story not long ago…2017 I started alerting people Barrow is not the right leader for us and I was attacked by all the political party members. Some even blocked me or have Facebook lives to discredit me. Some visited my mom to complain about me. Well now the same people are attacking Barrow and talking about his incompetency. I stay consistent on what I believe in and won’t budged if it ain’t right,” he said hours ago.

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