Fatu Camara Threatens to Block Barrow Staunch Supporter

Journalist Fatu Camara has threatened to show the pepper side of facebook to staunch president Barrow supporter Kaw Yerro.

A self-confessed Barrow backer, Kaw Yerro seemed to have drew the ire of the female journalist when he posted a picture of the mother-of-two in commemoration of the Ramadan.

Attaching a post to the photo, Kaw Yerro attempted to reconcile with Fatu whom he has been launching stinging attacks on for her onslaughts on First Lady Bah-Barrow.

Fatu Camara is my good friend and dear sister but sometimes I don’t like the way she’s treating our first Family. I told her several times to leave Barrow and her family alone and concentrate on her media work.That way no one will go after her. I told her Barrow is touch One touch all, Barrow has workers. We fight and reconcile immediately afterwards. Ramadan Kareem to Fatu ,” Kaw Yerro said.

Appearing angered, Fatu reacted threatening to block Kaw Yerro whom she accuse of being a “butt-licker”.

Kaw Yerro, it could be recalled, was one of the organisers of the 3 Years Jotna before he was allegedly given shut-up money by Barrow to back out of the movement – an allegation he refutes.

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