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“He Should Resign,” Gambians Call for Mambury’s Head over Spending of Corona Money

Mambury Njie today again came under fire after he visited Gambia’s law makers.

The country’s finance minister was summoned to explain procedures in the spending of the billion dalasis of coronavirus money disbursed to Gambia as grants.

Spending of grants in Gambian law require ratification from legislators, however, government went ahead to cash in on the funds about 700m dalasis with stimulus aid without approval from parliament.

And predictably, Njie, faced torrents of grilling from lawmakers notably Sidia Jatta, prompting reactions from Gambians online demanding his quick resignation.

MP’S are very weak , they have power to dismissed him from his job if the president refuses to do so . Why the MP’s supporting the president to defy the constitution constantly?,” Healing Samtaler said rhetorically.

” Mambury Njie does what Mambury Njie does best – Fraud! That’s the main reason he’s been appointed in the first place,” Sey Sey said, chipping in the intense debate.

Ousainou Njundou Jawara was more supportive of legislator Jatta: ” The problem with The Gambian people is that whenever Hon Sidia Jatta speaks every one comes out to thank him for his honesty and saying the facts but nobody will vote for him in elections. The man is trying everyday and sacrifice everything for the betterment of our country. I called all these good comments about him as hypocrisy.”

“I’m really beginning to lose trust in this finance minister. He doesn’t look trustworthy at all but they better know that Gambia today and the past 22years are different and people are not going to accept such kind of corrupt government, period!. He should be sacked and investigated or better still resign,” Malick Loum said.

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