Gee Kills TSmallz’s Attempt to Reignite Old Beef

Perhaps bored with isolation, new father Tsmallz Katato decided to, out of the blue, aim a shot at former music foe Gee this week.

Smallz thought he had set the tables ready to reignite their controversy by claiming Gee gained prominence in the music industry by beefing him about a decade ago.

“Majority know Tsmallz via (Africell) Chat Busters and later on with the weekly Open Mic…Majority know Gee after him disssing Smallz on a track made famous by Sister Njie on the popular Wahsahalt Show. This is a fact not an opinion,” Smallz who is locking down in Europe, said.

The comment made on Twitter aside from getting some few tongues wagging, achieved its aim of getting a reaction from Gee.

Gee, however, decided to extinguish whatever of flames the jide may have had or was intended to have by telling Smallz he’s gone past days of beefs and urging he moves on.

“Smallz our Beef yagana, you need to let it go. 
I understand memories are all one is left with in this stage of your career. We had our time but the beef is over , played out, no one cares anymore to be honest. Our fans then are grown, nyee married, some even dead,” he said sarcastically before adding, “You & I know FULLY well this beef started simply because I asked you to redo a verse none of the people you were on the track with liked. 
We work in the studio that gives us the chance off redoing stuff until you get it right.
I remember you refused to write and decided to freestyle it 🤦🏾‍♂️ 
I only asked you to sit on the verse , gave you the producer’s number for anytime you’re ready. “

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