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“Soon Corona Will Be A New Norm,” Says Brave Gambian Corona Patient Zanu

US-based Gambian coronavirus sufferer Zanu Williams predicts the pandemic will soon be a normal occurrence like other forms of illnesses.

Zanu got mired into a controversy on line lately after news leaked he had the virus and is going around spreading it to other Gambians in the United States.

He was recently at an Iftar aiding with arrangements even after he began taking notice of the symptoms but said he did his best to keep a distance prior to his result turning positive the following Tuesday.

“I don’t want to hide anything about me,” he said opening up on the topic.

Responding to allegations he purposefully attended the said event to spread the virus, he said: “The Iftar was on Saturday and I got the result on Tuesday. My intention to go to the Iftar was because Gambians came calling.”

Urging fellow sufferers not be held back by the sigma, he went on: |”The stigma shouldn’t stop anyone from going about your business. I will keep doing what I think is important to do. I was scared of it at first but it entered my house and I will not let it downcast me. I’m doing my jogging. Is good to tell your stories with people. I did not go to the iftar to spread the coronavirus, I did not go there knowing that I had the illness.

“After the news that I had the corona, I contacted people I came into contact with. I ask them if they feel or their family feel anything. So I tell them to try an quarantine. But soon this will be a new norm.”

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