OLD BEEF RENEWED: Smallz Tells Gee “You’re Only Good at Writing What Favours You”

Tsmallz has fired back at Gee as the duo tear each other apart in a renewal of a twelve-year beef.

Considered veterans in today’s music industry, Smallz and Gee are credited for raising the game to some levels via their heated animosity.

The two have since poured cold water on that beef until Smallz, rather unexpectedly, launched a swipe at Gee last week.

Katato claimed Gee used him as a springboard to fame, insisting he, Smallz, was known during the Gamcel Chart-Buster.

The comment riled up Gee and predictably provoked a reaction from the Pipeline-based star, who, after firing bullets back, urged for the hatchet be buried.

Katato has replied throwing fresh rounds too.

“You are good at writing about people or just anything that favors you but when one does boom you go nuts..🤦🏾‍♂️

Photo: TSmalz and Gee have been at loggerheads lately

“I am delusional for saying mines 😂😂 
to Neng duga Studio Watt bla bla… guess is very clear who is calling for the beef..
no time King Gee mag neng like you said.. 
my energy is more focused on better things than to sit write and talk bad about people..✌🏿

“Between me and you bro, fans will just pick who they chose as an artist and that’s choice so is not about who win and who lost at the first place to me.. It was an event which helped both me and you and attached our names together beh ku wahk Smallz nga wahk Gee.. nothing more!
who cares anyways my thing still up up up!,” Smallz said.

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