“My Husband Was Locked up for 4 Days for just Coughing,” Says Gambian Actress

Africa TV goddess Gambian-born Princess Shyngle hours ago claimed her husband has been forced into confinement for just coughing.

The 30-year-old’s fiance Senegalese-born Federic Badji is serving jail for fraud allegations.

Princess, a popular face in Ghanaian and Nigerian movies, revealed she often talks to her husband several times a day over the phone but got worried after not speaking to him for four days.

On her social media platform, Shyngle told of how she grew disturbed by the prolong silence.

Delving into what led to it, she said through sobs: “Frederic is not a bad person, he killed no body, he did not rape anybody, he did not commit any violent crime so he doesn’t deserve this. It breaks my heard.”

Photo: Princess and her fiance Frederic

“He worked as a cleaner, he worked as a store-keeper just to put himself through college and worked for the best banks in the United States. Yes he fell into the wrong hands and did some mistakes. He showed symptoms of coronavirus because of his inmates where testing positive for the covid. He was locked up for some place in the Jail in New Jersey for just coughing without access to facilities to reach out to his loved ones or me,” he said.

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