Parliament Could Extend State of Emergency Today

Gambian lawmakers will today evaluate adding further weeks on the current restriction imposed across the country which has already elapsed.

Session teeing off today will see legislators debate over the subject at hand, a discourse of which is sure to entail weighing ramifications of what another extension could do including its positives.

The previous state of emergency lasted for 45 days elapsing today.

Neighbouring Senegal have already sort of relaxed some of its lockdown laws with mosques and churches to re-open but with a limited number of worshipers.

Businesses have already been complaining with sales fluctuating as the pandemic eats deeper into a country’s whose health sector is hugely underfunded.

Passenger vehicles have also been asked to carry half of their capacity after government lowered price of gasoline while traders are forced to close at 6pm.

In a latest development, police have been descending on markets and other public places enforcing social distancing in desperate efforts to fend off the coronavirus.

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