‘I Have learned the Last 24/48 hrs about How Much of Hatred Is In this Country,”

Nyang Njie reveals he is shocked beyond comprehension of the loathing in this country after he took initiative to nab a woman suspecting of stealing.

The woman believed to be a hawker is alleged to have been part of a team who stole at Nyang’s residence.

Pictures of the suspect soon emerged with her balancing bananas on her head. According to Nyang he took initiative to spend his own resources to nab his thief and had her taken to the police station for grilling.

The news, due to the woman involved, didn’t sit well with some Gambians as they rained loathing on Nyang for his decision.

And speaking recently as investigations are on going, the blogger said: ” What’s wrong with Gambians. I have learnt a lot in the 24/28 hours about how much hatred is in this country. I took my own resources, my time in excess of seven, eight hours roaming and scouting frantically anywhere near church-hills Town, the cooperataive, traffic light turn-table only for people to hate what is happening.”

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