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Driver of Nigerian Consul Contact Coronavirus in The Gambia

Driver of a Nigerian consul in Guinea Bissau has tested positive to coronavirus in The Gambia.

The unidentified driver was with the Nigerian consul in Guinea Bissau before being intercepted by Gambian officials.

The two are believed to have gotten into The Gambia having spent two nights in Cassamance.

The consul was headed to Gambia to seek medical care, according to health officials minutes ago.

“A Driver at Nigerian Consulate in Guinea Bissau has test positive to the Covid-19. He came with the consul who was to receive medical care in The Gambia but both were intercepted at the border and taken into quarantine .

“Enroute to The Gambia, the two spent two nights in Senegalese region of Cassamance. They were taken into quarantine 14th May,” health officials said.

This finding followed tests carried out on twenty-two samples of which all returned negative except the consul’s driver.

Gambia have currently ten active cases.

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