‘Stress on Gambian Women Is Reason for the Ugliness of Kids these Days,’ Says Gambian Youtuber

Logic behind the ugliness of kids these day have been unraveled finally at least according to a Gambian Youtuber.

Styling herself as AgiesCorner, abroad-based Gambian Youtuber Agie Fatou recently made it her business to tackle what she called the proliferation of ugly children in the country.

In a humorous logic, Agie did not spare Gambian men, blaming them for piling stress on their partners who she claims carry their stress onto the bed and ugly grimaces during sex and hence reason for ugliness in children.

“There are whole lot of Gambian women giving birth to ugly kids these days. Sometimes there would be beautiful kids but one will turn out ugly. That is because of stress meted out to the women by the man. Stress is result of the unimpressive looks of our kids,” she said.

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