Fatu Camara Reveals Her Problem with President Barrow

Journalist Fatu Camara has revealed her qualms with President Barrow.

The mother-of-two has had a long running feud with the first family beginning during time of her Heroes’ Awards .

First, she accused First Lady Bah-Barrow of sponsoring an online insult campaign on fellow first lady Bio of Sierra Leone who’s also a Gambian.

Her comments, predictably, had her coming on the receiving end of torrents of attacks from Barrow’s raft of supporters in a spat running for close to three months.

However, today, Fatu revealed her issues with Barrow in a rather highly opinionated chat.

“Nobody hates him President Barrow). But somebody who cannot even say thank you to the dispora is something else. He should learn to appreciative people’s work,” she said.

” He keeps saying he alone did this or did that, gave money or gave money there. There are a lot of people who contributed towards his success which he did not appreciate.

“The dispora did well for him. At time of his nomination, it was said there was no money. The diasporas struggled and gathered money and sent it to the Gambia for his nomination. next minute when things got tough, he called the diaspora tails. Imagine the likes of Solo Sandeng’s family. These are people who lost their lives for Gambia’s liberation. One would expect that family would never lack under Barrow’s regime. But that family is being supported through a GooFundMe which definitely shouldn’t be the case,” she said.

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