After Barrow’s Extension of Emergency, Police to Continue Enforcing Social Distancing

Gambia’s police department have vowed to enforce social-distancing in public gatherings.

It comes on the heels of Barrow’s decision to extend the state of emergency after failing to get parliament’s approval.

Gambia have ten cases of the pandemic with one death in March being a Bangladeshi preacher.

Already over a billion dalasis have been spent on stimuls while lock rules, restricting public transports to carry half of capacity passengers continues complimented by reduced fuel price.

” ..the public is strictly advised to comply with the social distancing regulations and desist from all forms of social gatherings and religious congregations that violate the Emergency Regulations and potentially endanger the lives of citizens.

The public is further informed that enforcement operations are currently ongoing and will be further strengthened in accordance with the law.

“Therefore, The Office of The Inspector General urges all to comply and cooperate fully with law enforcement officers, so together we can defeat the Covid-19 pandemic.” a statement from the police read minutes ago.

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