MAHA: The Moment Gambian Artistes Go Abroad, Their Flame Go Down

Germany-based singer Maha Flex has got tongues wagging after he claimed Gambian artistes appear to lose grip once out of the country’s shores.

An athlete-turned singer, Maha made it his business today evening to raise issues affecting him and the industry.

In a rather free-mode discussion with US-based singer Mustapha Camara, Flex while letting rip into what he called the “mbokanisation” of promotion, said Gam singers tend to lose their flame once out of the country.

“Artistes can be on fire in The Gambia but the moment they leave Gambia and go abroad their flame go down.

“Another problem is, the moment an artiste leaves Gambia, promoters don’t support you. They don’t give you chance. You write to promotional platforms, they snub you -they don’t want to give you chance,” the Bad Gyal singer said.

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