“Gambia Need A Civilized Dictator,” Says Batchilly

Musa Yalli Batchilly believes Gambia need a civilised dictator to revel as a nation.

Batchilly, who’s also founder of Gambia Action Party, is of the opinion Gambia’s is being pegged back by lack of leadership and ideas to excel.

Rerencing how China morphed into a global super power and the meteoric rise of Rwanda as examples, Batchilly is convinced with a GAP government in elected Gambia could reached the promised heights.

” We need pro-active leaders. We need some little dominant leaders who is bot going to be a dictator. he is going to be a civilised dictator. By civilised dictator, I mean one who wouldn’t kill, torture but everything has to be done according to the way without compromise,” he said.

Harping on how a GAP government will operate, he ventured: ” GAP government will have an independent scheme comprising technocrats. In 90 days, we will be on a structure by the time it goes to 100 days of GAP government in the Gambia, to five year, we will move forward. Rwanda is an example. They killed are ruined their nation. They do not even have a seaport but they united themselves and worked hard with their technocrats . Paul Kagame is a civilize dictator. By dictator, people might get it wrong, but it has to be someone who’s assertive and knows how he wants to run this country.”

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