BRIGHT STARS: Support Isn’t Coming the Way It Should

Bright Stars Entertainment have moaned over the poor support given to Gambian artistes.

The quartet, who started out their craft at Red Cross where they transitioned from threatre-making to singing, are one of the most soughtafter gems before the coronavirus saga.

Starting out their journey with release of some impress masterpieces, their genre of music, fused with comedy, dubbed Edutainment, has come to be appreciated in a major shift for a nation whose industry has long lagged behind.

Coronavirus, their latest release, has been watched over thirty-thousand times when Gambia News premiered it on here.

However, while boom is being registered, the stars reveal backing remains a setback.

“When we did our Ranha Bisab 2.0, the turn out was impressive -the response rate of sponsors was there but certainly they were not coming like the way we would have liked it.

“This part has been a problem a bit and if companies can come forward it will be good, “Assan Jobe, a lead vocalist of the group said yesterday.

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