“I was Insulted In front of the President No One Said Anything,” Says Darboe

Darboe has unleashed a round of jibes in an indirect assault on president Barrow.

The two were initially inseparable but their ties turned tempestuous over difference in ideology later culminating into a sacking.

Today, they’re regarded as sworn enemies with each throwing shades at the other at the slightest presented chance.

“You saw it on GRTS when someone in front of president insulted me but nobody talks about it. I tell you a serahule chap heaped insults on every member of the Darboe clan up to Debo Kemo. For us, Debo Kemo is our Serign Bamba but nobody talks about that,” the UPD top dog, said.

“I don’t encourage insults and I have always encouraged my supporters to always engage people constructively. When those people (Fatoumatta Jawara) insulted me they were clapping, it shows the level they can degenerate themselves into,” he said.

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