Nova Sambou: Gam Music Is Now All the Way Up

US-based produce -cum singer Nova Sambou has given the thumbs-up rating to Gambia’s music.

The nation’s music has long stagnated – a setback triggered by lack of sponsors which still lurks, a poor industry also devoid of home-based backing.

Nova Sambou was one of the figures behind the rejuvenation of the game, going to extent of branding Gambian music as Afro-wave in efforts to get a recognised labelling.

He would later fly out for the US where he now stays continuing his craft -beat-making plus song selling and video shooting.

While his input is sure missed in the local front, the industry has transitioned with majority locals now feverish followers of home-made singers.

At time of Nova’s departure, the biggest an artiste could pull up of fans is at the Allianz Francais hall. However, gone are those days amid a massive leap with the calibre of Jizzle and ST filling up the Independence Stadium and racking up millions in ticket sales in one night during launching of their albums last year.

And commenting on the recent surge, Nova is pleased with how matters have panned out with the game’s actors.

“The music now is all the way up. Rating is 10/10. Fans follow our music more than outside music, something we fought for since we started. So thanks to God all the the way,” Nova, now named Sag Illo, tells Gambia News.

The Churchill’s Town-born February this year released a premier video lashing out at critics dubbed Tongue of Da Town.

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