“Don’t Expect to Make It Overnight,” Sir Farimang Singhateh’s Son Warns Gambian Investors

First baby born at State House Foday Singhateh has warned fellow Gambian investors not to expect yielding profits when investing in the country.

Appearing to speak through past experiences, Foday, a humanitarian and a businessman, related of a raft of discouraging things that await in the country’s business sector.

“Investments especially in Gambia goes with a lot of patience and hard work. Don’t expect to make it happen overnight and be successful. It takes a lot of hard work, plus you will encounter a lot of unknowns in the initial phases of the project,” he said.

Proprietor of Fanta Bakery – a bread-making entity named after his mum -Singhateh Jnr suggested the need for Gambians business to back one another.

He harped further: “Folks will discourage you, crooks will try to take you under, corrupt government officials will block you as they don’t want Gambian citizens investing, because they won’t get their normal kickbacks. All these issues will be something that can drive us away, but for the love of country we need to stand firm in our movement to be the big investors in our country.

“We start small, but need all other small Gambian businesses to unite and help each other. Gambians buying Gambian goods.”

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