Kitabu: “Gambians Don’t Support Each Other”

Comedian Kitabu has come hard at Gambians failure to back each other.

Narrating series of incidents in which Gambian celebrities were looked down upon, Kitabu also bemoaned the low support offered to Gambians socialites.

“Here it is difficult to survive as Gambians don’t support each other. With the recent Fandema website we have created to help us generate money, there are some people complaining our videos should have been placed on Youtube for easy viewing,” he said.

Continuing on the situation, he went on: “Imagine we spend over D300,000 to make some of these things and Youtube doesn’t pay much and people still want to view for free. Also, there should be laws imposing on all companies to use Gambian celebrities on their billboards. In Senegal, celebrities hustle for just three years next minute they are supported and begin to live large. But here, you could keep hustling for God knows when all they will tell you is “God is Good”.”

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