MARIE SOCK: “Negative Comments on Social Media Pushes Me”

Female presidential aspirant Marie Sock has rebuffed negative comments posing any impact on her ambition.

The erstwhile GDC member and entrepreneur has come on the receiving end of derides after making public her intentions to leapfrog president Barrow next year.

The Barthust -born and former model last weekend revealed a 10-point agenda to reform Gambia as an independent candidate -a thing generating buzz including uncomplimentary remarks from detractors.

And responding, she said: “Actually I embrace it (the negative comments on social media). If it is all positive (the comments), I think it will not be good for me. But in life not everyone will love you. In life not everyone will see your vision. People are different, people will see differently and I embrace it because it helps me to be the best I can be. Without that (the negative comments) I will just fail. That pushes me to be the best I can be.”

Branding her quest as “Tsunami for change”, Marie is buoyed up pulling off a shock regardless of how late her plot to grab state House has teed off.

“This is a Tsunami of change. This is the time when all the women are seeing themselves in what I’m doing. So the backing is there,” she said.

Sock added: “It’s not about whether I started late in the game but it’s about what I can do now. There were lot of women here (in politics) but they didn’t stand because probably they didn’t have what I have. This is why I’m calling them to stand with me because I will take the beating for them. I have developed a thick skin when it comes to criticisms and all that.”

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