Gambians to Pray Friday Tomorrow for the First time after 2 Months

Gambian Muslims will tomorrow perform congregational prayer for the first time after a two-month lock down.

A state of emergency was declared to help tackle the coronavirus pandemic which meant shutting down public institutions and places.

A couple of mosque leaders had to be rounded up, trialed and fined for breaking the lock down rules by staging public prayer.

Male followers of Islam are obligated to stage congregational prayer Friday of every week.

There have been problems of observing social distancing regulations since pronouncement of the emergency due to Gambians get-together culture.

Businesses have also been hurting consequently with prices of goods skyrocketing including transport fares despite reduction of fuel price.

However, government yesterday issued a release ordering the re-opening of churches and mosques. a move coming as a huge relief to both Muslim and Christian Gambian community.

The development means Mosques would be flocked again for the first time tomorrow after a two months’ break.

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